Day 5: God Shows Himself to Us

Read & Reflect

Read Romans 1:18-23.

  • Who are the people that this verse is speaking about?
  • How do they know things about God?
  • What do they know about God?

Read Psalm 19:1-6.

  • What do the heavens & the skies do (list several things)?
  • In your own words, what do you think that this means?

Think About It

Imagine you were sitting in a room with a perfect stranger.  This is someone who is about your age, but whom you have never met before.  You have never spoken before.  You are going to have to be with this person for some time – just the two of you.  And you have been given a specific task to do which is very important.  It is something that you must complete, and you must do it together.  How would you proceed?

Would you begin by introducing yourself?  Finding out their name?  Perhaps you would try to find out something about them – where they came from…what their family is like…how old they are…some things that they like.

Now imagine you struck up this conversation with this person, but they refused to talk to you.  Or perhaps they don’t even speak the same language as you do.  What would you do?  It would be pretty difficult to get to know them, wouldn’t it?  You could perhaps guess some things from their body language, or their looks, or their clothing.  There are definitely things that you could learn from them without communicating directly, or even understanding one another’s language.  Nevertheless, you certainly couldn’t find out as much as you could if they would just talk to you, right?

This is a basic truth about human relationships:  If we don’t reveal ourselves to other people, they will never truly know us.  The more that we reveal to others, the more that they will know us.  Think of your relationship with your best friend.  Perhaps you talk for hours and hours and know each other’s deepest thoughts and dreams.  You know these things about each other because you chose to reveal yourself to one another.

In much the same way, the Bible is very clear that in order for us to know anything about God, He must reveal (or show) Himself to us.  He is so different from us, so holy and separate, that there is no way that we could just figure Him out, unless He chose to make Himself known.

Now, according to the Bible, there are two ways that God chooses to reveal Himself.

We will use the word “Revelation” to refer to God showing (or revealing) Himself to us.

We are going to consider these over the next couple of days.  Here they are:

  1. General Revelation.  This kind of revelation is general, because everyone has access to it: every human being who has ever lived.
  2. Special Revelation.  This kind of revelation is special, because God has not given it to everyone, and thus it is in a more limited form than general revelation.
  • Go back and read the two passages on the last page.  Do you think that these passages talk about revelation?  Why or why not?
  • If they do speak about revelation, is this general or special revelation?  Defend your answer.

Both of these passages talk about God revealing Himself to all of humanity through Creation.  In other words, there are certain things about God that everyone who has ever lived knows based simply on the fact that they are human and alive!  This is the essence of what we call general revelation.

  • What are the things (according to Romans 1) that we should know about God just by looking at what He has created?


God has revealed Himself to you in many ways.  Praise Him and thank Him for choosing to show Himself.  If He hadn’t, you would never know anything about Him!  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you even more each day.  And ask Him for a heart that wants to know more about Him!

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